Component Libraries

This page has been deprecated. V1 documentation is partially maintained here

Component Libraries

The Configurable Rights Pool uses several externally linked libraries to implement all its functionality, detailed below.

  • BalancerConstants - constant state variables used throughout

  • BalancerSafeMath - similar to Open Zeppelin SafeMath, but normalized so that "1" = 10^18, to allow fractional arithmetic (e.g., on weights)

  • RightsManager - defines a struct of boolean values, corresponding to each right; the Configurable Rights Pool stores this struct in storage.

  • SmartPoolManager - factors out computationally intensive functions, mainly to reduce the bytecode size of the Configurable Rights Pool, to keep it deployable

  • SafeApprove - an internal library (adapted from PieDAO) to enable pools to contain ERC20 tokens that require approve calls to be made from a base of 0 (e.g., KNC)

The Configurable Rights Pool contains getter functions that return the addresses of these libraries; a bit of future-proofing, so that clients can implement versioning.

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